HINTON CHARTERHOUSE is situated in North Somerset in an area of outstanding natural beauty . At a height of 150 metres above sea level it is the highest village in the area.  It is on the B3110( see also map) about five miles south of the famous Roman town of Bath with its Roman Baths, many museums and renown architectural features such as the Royal Crescent, the Circus, the Abbey and Pultney Bridge.  The Parish now has about 200 houses. The village history is closely related to a Carthusian Priory that was set up just to the north. Despite its size the village boasts two Inns (one with accommodation), one shop and post office, one twelfth century church, a Memorial hall,  a cricket pitch and a Millennium Green with play area.  A schematic map showing the location of main features is in the section on The Village Today. Feedback and proposed additions are welcome (see Contact). The village is closely linked to the nearby villages of Freshford (www.freshfordvillage.com) and Limpley Stoke (www.limpleystoke.org) and the Parish Council site is www.hintoncharterhousepc.org.uk For more details on location and how to get there - see Village Today.  

New Surge In Number Of Seized Fake IDs In Somerset

Recently, there been reports of increasing number of confiscated fake IDs in UK. Falsified identity documents, such as student cards or driving licenses, are often used by youngsters who wish to bypass age verification restrictions to be able to buy alcohol or attend the venues where alcoholic drinks are served. Further investigation revealed Freedom Fakes website that sells fake identity documents online. A wide selection of USA fake IDs is being sold in the open. Some examples of such student-oriented forgeries are state of California ID Card on sale and this craftily replicated New York card, which are popular among Americans and Brits. We issued an appeal to local bar and wine shop operators to engage in a thorough verification of customers IDs.

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Homewood Park Hotel Approach from North Millennium Green St John's Church The Green
cricket club High Street (South)